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Subject: Again Farewell >>> Re: World Trade Organisation / G8 type ideation >>>
To: "Lt. Col. Richard Finnerty (US Air Force ret.) of Honolulu, Hawaii" <>
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Dear Richard,
By observing your words and actions over a lengthy period, it seems all too obvious to me now what your political philosophy is - which does not amount to anything of any value as far as I'm concerned.  Far from it - I would in fact be inclined to attribute some very large negative number to its value.

In addition, I am shocked and appalled by your callus and unrelenting brutality towards me and my situation during the past several months - not to mention your very deliberate, gross, and totally false misrepresentations of the facts relating to my already difficult case.
The impression I get is that you are some kind of a mad and completely ruthless type of military killing machine: desperate to find new targets to feed your lust - and in my case you are using the dirtiest, meanest, and nastiest psychological attacks you can fabricate for the purpose of trying to discredit me.
I believe your wholly unjustified attacks on me say much, much more about you than they do about me, and consequently I don't feel I need to counter them in public any more than I have already done.  
I can't help wondering if all this madness of yours is possibly being fuelled by the fact that more and more people around the world (and indeed inside the United States as well) are seeing through all the mountains of lies and deceptions of the present US administration - and their totally bogus "democracy" - which in reality is a nothing more, or less, than a very heavily corrupted plutocracy that is doing everything it possibly can to unlawfully force all of its vast array of rottenness and stench onto every nation on earth: to the point where thousands and thousands more people every day are beginning to see, talk, and write of the present US administration as the "real terrorists": and who are also being seen - more and more, by more people - as many, many times more dangerous and destructive (in global terms) than Al-Qaeda are ever likely to be. 

Then there is the matter of the unknown and growing numbers of people throughout the world who privately, silently, and secretly thank God (every day) for the fact that Al-Qaeda appear to be keeping some kind of check on the corrupt global network of compliant regimes and senior public officials now headquartered in Washington DC: at a time when there appears to be no other really significant source of opposition to it coming from anywhere else in the world.
Is it - I wonder? -  that you possibly feel your extreme right-wing fantasy world might be starting to collapse in on top of you? - a bit like the Nazis situation in Berlin in early 1945 perhaps? - and that you simply cannot cope in a healthy way (because you don't know of any) with the reality of it all? 
Best wishes,
Billy. wrote:
In a message dated 2/23/2006 12:40:31 PM Hawaiian Standard Time, writes:

Without wishing to be in any way disrespectful to you, the more you write, the more it seems to me that you are living in some kind of crazy, hate-filled, and extreme right-wing fantasy world (of your own making presumably?)

Dear Billy,
       I have never discussed my political philosophy with you, and I have never stated to you that I hate anything. 

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