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Dear Richard,
There is a newspaper article at the address below which suggests the World Trade Organisation might not be anything like as weak and puny as you appear to believe: 
As the core issue (GM food) at the above address is not something I have ever been involved with, I have highlighted some words and phrases at the above address which really DO relate, and in very major ways, to certain issues which directly concern me: e.g. the issue of "secretive bureaucrats who trampled over national sovereignty" - and human rights law!!
For anyone interested, the original newspaper article - without my highlighting - can be seen at the following Guardian Newspaper (UK) address:,,1708257,00.html 

Billy. wrote:
In a message dated 2/19/2006 1:10:07 AM Hawaiian Standard Time, writes:

" ... at one point he actually told that he knew of very similar problems to mine taking place in India (e.g. important heritage sites being threatened/destroyed as a result of very strident World Trade Organisation/G8 type ideation etc. etc.),  ... taken from:

COMMENT: I seriously doubt that the World Trade Organisation was actually responsible for the destruction of heritage sites in India.  India doesn't have heritage sites, they have religious sites, and everything in India is religious, including the cattle and rats.  When you're hungry it may be time for the cattle and rats to go.

       If we are going to have a meaningful discourse on destruction of heritage sites, I would like to hear about actual destruction, such as the Taliban in Afghanistan, where they used explosives to destroy non Muslim religious sites [Hindu, Buddhist, etc.], many of which were thousands of years old. Or, if you want to read about real oppression, how about discussing Muslim killing of Christians all over Southeast Asia and Africa. WHERE IS THE UN?
Comparing the WTO to Muslims is like comparing dandruff to the Bubonic Plague.

Historian Will Durant wrote in The Story of Civilization(1972) that the Muslim conquest of India was "probably the bloodiest story in history." The number of people killed is estimated based on the Muslim chronicles and demographic calculations. K.S. Lal estimated in his book The Growth of Muslim Population in India that between 1000 CE and 1500 CE, the population of Hindus decreased by 80 million. The legacy of Islamic conquest of South Asia is a hotly debated issue even today.


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