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Subject: Sale of Lands at Lisnamult, Roscommon.
To: "Mr Greg Nolan (Solicitor, Patrick Hogan & Co., Ballinalsloe, County Galway, Republic of Ireland.)" <>
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Dear Mr Nolan,
RE: Sale of lands at Lisnamult, Roscommon 
My half-sister Ms Marjorie Dolan has sent me a copy of your letter dated October 13th 2005.
As my brother (Mr Gerald Finnerty) and Marjorie may not have had the time to explain to you, I feel it might be useful for me to briefly outline my interest in the sale of the land at Lisnamult to you.
Knowing that my personal financial reserves were dwindling as a result of the years I had spent working (full time) trying to correct environmental wrong doings in Ireland, my brother Gerald very kindly and unexpectedly offered to let me have half of the value of the land at Lisnamult - on the understanding that I would do all of the necessary work connected with the sale (which he did not wish to get involved with himself).
As far as I can recall (I don't have the records with me at present), this news first reached me sometime around August 2004.
Naturally, I was delighted at this offer and I agreed to try and sell the land for him - after making the suggestion that, allowing for Marjorie's long and close involvement with our grandparents in Roscommon, it might be better if the proceeds of the sale was split equally between the three of us - which he very readily agreed to. 
Knowing that for various reasons it would not be appropriate to actually sell the land until March 2006, I then set about the task in a leisurely fashion.
As far as the actual price we could expect was concerned, I did two things: 1) I asked a friend-of-a-friend who is an estate agent in Athlone to value the land; and 2) I asked another friend who has wide ranging experience of the building industry in County Roscommon (and surrounding counties) to let me have his views on the potential value of the 30 acre site, which is very near the centre of Roscommon town.  
The Estate Agent (Mr Ganley) valued the land - for sale just as it was without planning permission of any kind - and suggested it would be in the region of 1.5 million Euros (as far as I can remember). 
My friend in the building industry - who stressed that he could only think in terms of the 30 acre site being sold with planning permission of some kind - put the value at between 5 and 20 million Euros: depending on what kind of planning permission could be got for the site before the sale.
Then something completely unexpected happened in November 2004 - just as I was about to approach Roscommon County Council for the purpose of exploring the planning permission possibilities for the site - in that there was (what I see) as a second attempt to corruptly criminalise me in connection with my challenges relating to the environmental wrong doings referred to above.  (The first attempt to corruptly criminalise me, regarding the same alleged offence, occurred a little over two years earlier in October 2002.)
Feeling extremely upset, and unable to find any legal representation that I was remotely happy with, I rapidly left Galway for Northern Ireland (on December 7th 2004) and have been living in County Tyrone since then.
Following a spell in hospital (in Omagh), I resumed my efforts to explore the planning permission possibilities for the site earlier this year.  Unfortunately, and though I tried a variety of tactics (some of which included efforts by Gerald and Margie), our combined efforts never produced any useful results.
The basic problem I have encountered regarding the planning permission business is that the people in the Roscommon Planning Office that I have had contact with (via e-mail) were not as helpful as I felt they might have been - in an overall sense that is.
After very careful consideration, I now believe the best way forward is for me to advertise the 30 acre site on the Internet - which, because of my experience in the electronics industry, is very easy for me to do.
At the very least, I feel I should be able to make it known - far and wide - that this valuable site, close to the heart of a "county town" as it is, is due to be put up for sale by public auction in March 2006: with a reserve price of 3 million Euros. 
As Gerald and Margie both seem to have a very good working relationship with Mr Pat Hughes (Roscommon Auctioneer), my hope is that he will be happy to go along with these public auction arrangements which I have in mind.
In the event (unlikely as I see it due to my inexperience of selling land) that I should find a suitable buyer directly through my Internet efforts, I assume that it would be possible for you to complete the legal aspects of the sale without the need for an auctioneer?  If this is not possible, I would appreciate it if you could please let me know as soon as you reasonably can. 
In case there might be any doubt about it, the approach for selling the land I have outlined above is - in very large part - influenced by the shocking experiences I have been having with corruption in Ireland over a period of several years.
If interested, an update on my present legal situation (in relation to corruption I have mentioned) can be found via the following internet address in the letters of Dr McCavert GP and Mr Madden (Senior Psychiatric Social Worker):
I have discussed the contents of this e-mail with Margie on the phone about an hour ago, and she seems happy with them - as I believe Gerald will also be when she relates them to him later today. 
I will also be sending Gerald and Margie a printed copy of this e-mail through the normal post in the coming hour or so.
I look forward to hearing from you regarding the sale of the land at Lisnamult - and particularly in relation to any difficulties you might foresee which I might not be aware of.
Yours sincerely,
William Finnerty.

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