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Dear Gerry,
Please find below the information we discussed yesterday.
1)  General background information connected with my "crime" can be found at the following Indymedia "comment" location:
2)  A scanned copy of Summons 116403 I was handed by Garda Tom Kenny can be seen at the following address - please note this was the 2nd Summons I received from him, and that the first (and much milder) one was scrapped for reasons unknown to me.
3)  The second summons I received involved the NON-FATAL OFFENCES AGAINST THE PERSON ACT, 1997.  This Act (in full) can be seen at: 
I was charged under Section 2, which can be seen at:
4) In the days before the court hearing I sent 5 registered letters relating to my case through the registered post on September 7th 2002 - details can be seen at: 
A further five letters were sent by me on September 21st 2002 - details of which can be seen at: 
5) As I did not receive any reply from any of the people I wrote to (i.e. using the letters referred to at the 2 Internet addresses immediately above), I left the Republic of Ireland - as I informed them I would - and stayed mostly in Shrewsbury (England) from October 2002 to May 2003.  I returned to Galway after being assured by a lady counsellor in Shrewsbury, provided by my GP there (Dr. Jacque Maurice), that it would be entirely safe for me to do so.  Efforts to get the legal help I sought in England had all failed by then; and, at one point, when nothing else seemed to be working, I even sought help from Prime Minister Blair and Mrs Cherie Blair QC (both lawyers of course) - details can be found via the following address:  
Perhaps it might be worth stressing at this point that Cherie Blair QC is, as I understand it, one of the UK's leading human-rights lawyers, and that she is frequently described as such in the media.
Though I did receive a written reply from 10 Downing Street, it contained no mention of the "human rights" lawyer I sought - as can be seen in the scanned copy of the reply at: 
6)  A copy of my letter to Mr Geraghty - some days after I had been thrown out of Omagh Hospital by Dr Foster, entirely against my wishes, and with no provisions whatsoever for finding the legal help I desperately sought, can be seen at: 
I never received any reply from Mr Geraghty to the latter at the Internet address immediately above - which was sent to him through the registered post (as can be seen at above address).
Please note that if you think it might help to speed up the process of finding a just solution to my growing difficulties, I have no objections at all to you forwarding this e-mail to the Garda Siochana before you go to see them in Galway next week - or to ANYONE else for that matter.
Should you require more information from me relating to the above please let me know.
Best wishes,

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