Letter to Dr Mc Cavert GP dated September 7th 2005




Wednesday September 7th 2005

Dear Dr Mc Cavert,

Last Monday Gerry Madden very kindly gave me a booklet titled "Understanding post-traumatic stress disorder", which is a Mind (National Association for Mental Health) publication.

I have since read through the booklet twice and there is no doubt at all in my mind that I suffer from many, almost all in fact, of the symptoms described.

As to the source of the trauma, I feel I have had my life - including my home - taken away from me: by so called "public servants" who appear to me to be very arrogantly putting themselves above the law, and, at the same time, putting me beneath it.

I believe this is the primary source of the ongoing trauma I am now experiencing.

Then there is the additional (and growing) trauma for me of gradually discovering, more and more, that the unlawful behaviour of the public servants responsible for the psychological assault and associated psychological abuse I'm being subjected to appears to not only have the tacit approval, but the full support as well, of the legal profession.

For whatever reason, and I have no particular interest in knowing their reason, it seems to me that all Irish members of the legal profession are collectively thinking - and acting - as though the Council of Europe's "Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms" does not exist: even though the United Kingdom of Great Brittan and Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland, have both signed this important international legal agreement several years ago.

One important feature (as I see it) of The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms is that it appears to have been deliberately written in "plain english", which is largely free of legal jargon, and which people who are not lawyers can easily understand.

A copy of the Convention text can be viewed at the following Internet address:  http://conventions.coe.int/treaty/en/Treaties/Html/005.htm , and the unlawful violations I am being subjected to are mostly connected with Article 6 and Article 13.

Assuming I have understood him correctly, Gerry Madden has told me that he can arrange treatment for me at Lissan House for the PTSD I believe I am suffering from: provided you indicate to him that you believe such treatment would be appropriate.

If you feel it is, it would be very much appreciated if you could let Gerry Madden know as soon as you reasonably can please.

For my part, I certainly believe such treatment is now well worth trying: especially when the disastrously unhelpful situation regarding the legal profession appears to me to have no obvious solution in the foreseeable future.

Though I called yesterday to try and make an appointment to see you within the coming few days, I was informed that on account of your holiday arrangements the first available appointment would have to be for after you get back from holiday on August 19th - and hence this note before you go away. 



William Finnerty.

Copy to: Gerard Madden (Senior Social Worker).




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