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Subject: Direct Action under local Agenda 21
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Dear Minister Roche
     Despite the fact that the illegal operations of Greenstar (Land Fill Company) are been considered by the EC and the actions are in breach of EU law, Greenstar dumped 3 loads of rubbish on the site in Killconnell before 9 o clock this morning (Friday).  I asked the local gardai to assist me to protect my environment under local Agenda 21.  The Local Community were not prepared for this and the empty lorries had left the site before a blockade could be organised.  
     A blockade under Local Agenda 21 was mounted at approx. 12 noon.   The Guarda (Irish police force) arrived to be told by Greenstar that there was an injunction against each and every member of the Local Community from obstructing Greenstar.  Despite these threats of imprisonment for the Holiday Season it was decided that one person should mount the blockade. After some time I was told by the Guards that no more rubbish  would enter the site today and the blockade was lifted and no arrests were made. At about 4 o clock I got a call that another load had entered the site and 2 others were on rout to the site.  Again I blockaded the entrance and refused to allow the empty lorry to leave or the full lorry to enter.  Again the guards arrived and a stand-off followed until about 6.30 when the Guards asked that the empty lorry be allowed leave and the full lorry would return full to where it came from and that no other attempt would be made to enter the site with rubbish until the New Year. I agreed to this because the lorry drivers wished to go home and they were innocent victims. 
      I am asking you Minister Roche to supply me with sufficient funds to to get an injunction to stop Greenstar dumping rubbish on this site until the concerns of the local community regarding Sustainability are dealt with and I am asking You Minister for Justice (Michael McDowell TD)  to see to it that EU Laws are implemented in this issue, and that you uphold the rule of law and have this site closed down and the rubbish there removed until the outstanding issues are resolved through peaceful and democratic channels,  I carried out my actions under Local Agenda 21. 

Brendan Kelly
Media Centre > Press Releases > Minister Roche Announces Funding of Local Agenda 21 Environmental Partnership Fund Grants for County Wicklow
Minister Roche Announces Funding of Local Agenda 21 Environmental Partnership Fund Grants for County Wicklow

Mr. Dick Roche T.D., Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government announced today (22 Dec.05) that a total of  €8,500 is being paid to environmental awareness raising projects in County Wicklow under the 2005 Local Agenda 21 Environmental Partnership Fund.   Matching funding by the local authority provides a potential total fund of  €17,000.

"The quality of all this year's applications was very impressive.   I am particularly pleased that the projects awarded funding in County Wicklow embody the spirit of Local Agenda 21 by facilitating awareness of sustainable development at community level, focussing particularly on educating our young people whether by practical workshops, children's theatre, school books and educational programmes in schools.   The Local Agenda 21 programme is an important contribution towards Ireland's implementation of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, which began on 1 January 2005.  The UN General Assembly announced the Decade in 2002 as a follow-on to a call by the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development for the integration of sustainable development into education at all levels.  In the words of the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan,  "our biggest challenge in this new century is to take an idea that seems abstract – sustainable development - and turn it into a reality for all the world's people".   

"The projects selected in County Wicklow this year emphasise the contribution made by individuals and communities towards resolving environmental problems and focuses on educating young people to live in a more environmentally friendly manner", said the Minister.

The projects that will receive funding in County Wicklow are as follows:

Wicklow County Council:

Down To Earth Theatre Company   €3,450.00
"Bin City."
Drama and workshops in schools highlighting issues of waste and litter.

ECO UNESCO €1,800.00
"The Environmental Big Book."
Book aimed at 5-8 year olds and teacher guidelines focussing on waste minimisation.

National Environmental Education Centre €1,500.00
"Transition To Sustainable Development"
A pilot education programme for schools relating to key sustainable development issues, concentrating on waste and resource management.

National Environmental Education Centre €1,750.00
"Working With Wormeries"
School workshops on vermi-composting, with experimental analysis of waste and the worm digestion.

Total: €8,500.00

Media queries:
Press and Information Office
Tel: (01) 888 2638  (direct)
(01) 888 2000

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Bord Pleanala Appeal (February 21st 2004) regarding Kilconnell Superdump: 

Constitution of Ireland:
Bunreacht na hEireann

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European Convention on Human Rights (Council of Europe):

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations): 


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